It is hard for me to tell whether I chose Cinematography as my profession because I love the idea of movement, the journeys involved and the stories behind it all, or all of the above are the consequences of my choice.

After studying in New York and London I returned to Greece. Then, a collaboration led to the creation of N-Orasis that executed large projects as an independent production company.

Now as a freelancer, I work with different directors and producers, as a DOP and occasionally as a gaffer.

Short films, commercials, Greek and foreign productions, drama or documentary, television or the Internet are on the menu.

Through the years, lights, cameras, vans, generators, drones and know-how accumulated, always available to rent.

During the long journeys, my only concern is to find and share those images, using the experience, camera menus, special rigs, the exchange of ideas and last but not least, my multi-purpose tool.